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The Long Road Home, Part 1.


It is with heavy hearts that we write today about our brothers and sisters who have been affected by the Wine Country Fires. We want you to know, on behalf of the entire Bay Area chapter of Conscious Capitalism, we are here to support you over the long-term. Although the fires may be out of the current news cycle, the damage is just beginning to get unearthed. But, if we know our fellow Bay Area natives, we are positive that our hopefulness, resilience and strength will shine through – and this Conscious Capitalism chapter will be here to help.

Supporting those who are suffering. While some of our community members may be suffering from the damages of the fires, others are asking what they could do to give back to their communities. As you may know, the heart of our work at Conscious Capitalism is support, education, and inspiring community. Therefore, this blog post is the first in a series that will share opportunities for us to get involved. We are here to  help improve the hearts and minds of those affected by the Wine Country Fires.

In this post, we will share some initial ways that we believe our community could make a difference. But, we are also open to hearing from you: What do you need? What other opportunities have you heard about? We want you to be our eyes and ears on the ground. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions or thoughts to

For those impacted by the fires

Mental Health & Mindfulness

During a disaster, it is often difficult to remember the importance of our mental health among the other issues we are dealing with. Our friends at the HeartMath Institute have put together some free resources to help ease the emotional pain and to support resilience during this stressful time.

Other resources

We have collected a variety of other resources available to those who have been impacted by the Wine Country Fires, and included them below. Please feel free to forward these to anyone in your network in need.

  • Sonoma County fire recovery resources for businesses affected by the fires
  • Sonoma County frequently asked questions, important numbers and immediate resources
  • A Facebook Group for the Tubbs Fires in Sonoma County with up-to-date information and resources
  • A Facebook Group for the Tubbs Fires in Lake Sonoma/Mendo with housing information, lost-and-found pets, and other helpful links
  •  Petaluma People Services Center has launched a massive effort to connect those who wish to offer space in their home, or a home they don’t occupy, to those in need of a place to live while they rebuild or find a long term solution.  
  • Also, our very own Brandon Trammel is making some space available at his office in Santa Rosa for those who need a private setting to conduct personal/business affairs. Contact Brandon, if you have a need, via email at for more information.

For those seeking to help

Many people within our community are looking for ways to help those affected by the Wine County Fires. We have compiled a list of ideas, and important resources that could aid in your efforts.

Volunteer with the American Red Cross

One of our board members, Frank Connolly, is a highly-trained American Red Cross disaster relief specialist. He recommends that the most direct, efficient and effective way to support those impacted by disasters is to volunteer with the Red Cross. Click on the following link, and look for the “local volunteering” option for more details on how to volunteer in and around the North Bay.

The American Red Cross can also struggle to get sufficient mental health volunteers to disaster response sites.  If there are individuals within our network who are motivated to bring mindfulness tools tailored to the disaster recovery experience, there’s a great need for a solution. Please email us at:, and we will add your services to our next blog post.

Other ideas & resources

We are all on this long road home together. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions below about what more we can do to help.

This blog post was written by Katina Mountanos. She is passionate about making our world a better place by enabling people and organizations to reach their fullest potential. She has worked in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds at the intersection of creating strategic partnerships for good – most recently at a family foundation in New York City. She is also the creator of a blog called On Adulting, which inspires people to navigate adulthood in a mindful and happy way. Her writing on the topics of wellness and personal development has been featured in outlets such as Teen Vogue, HuffPo, mindbodygreen, Elite Daily, and Elephant Journal.